Welcome to the page of South Grafton Anglican

St Matthews Anglican Church is now South Grafton Anglican. We are located at 64 Tyson Street South Grafton.

2020 is the standard in measuring eyesight. 2020 vision means you can see clearly at 20 feet what should normally be seen at that distance. It doesn’t state you have perfect vision, it is simply the standard on which vision is set. Let this year 2020 set the standard for how we want to live for Christ. His Vision was set before the world even was; something we will not comprehend until we see Him face to face.

South Grafton Anglican is rethinking how we engage with our community, especially in these most testing of times. You are welcome to come and check us out and sing with us, pray with us and hear what our minister is preaching on. Like everyone here, the Word of God challenges us all. Join us as we grow together.

Let this year be one of pressing into God, reading His Word, living life as He would want us all to live. We aren’t perfect at South Grafton Anglican, but we know we are loved by the Creator whose desire is for us to seek Him.

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