Welcome to the page of South Grafton Anglican

St Matthews Anglican Church is now South Grafton Anglican. We are located at 64 Tyson Street South Grafton

Our Services are currently pre-recorded and made available on our Services page. Click HERE to join us anytime in worship.

And yes, our Pew Bulletin is back and available online HERE

South Grafton Anglican is rethinking how we engage with our community, especially in these most testing of times.

Sunday the 2nd of August is our first Sunday back after the initial shut down. We are gearing up to hold face to face services at 8am (traditional) and 10:30am (family contemporary). We will also be holding our Wednesday service at 10am, starting Wednesday 5th August. Our Sunday 10:30am and Wedneday services will be recorded for those who cannot make it here. Please give us a day or two to get them up and running.

There will be social distancing, no singing and no greeting or morning tea, but that’s okay, we know you come for the riveting sermon!

Let this year be one of pressing into God, reading His Word, living life as He would want us all to live. We aren’t perfect at South Grafton Anglican, but we know we are loved by the Creator whose desire is for us to seek Him.

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