Welcome to the page of South Grafton Anglican

St Matthews Anglican Church is now South Grafton Anglican. We are located at 64 Tyson Street South Grafton

Our Services are both face to face as well as recording our 10:30am service .

the first Service is a traditional service at 8am, followed by a family focused contemporary service at 10:30am. Mid week, we meet at 10am on Wednesdays for a semi-traditional service. On the second Saturday of the month at 5pm, we can be found worshipping at St Margaret’s in Wooli, which is a unique experience of gathering right near the beach in one of the smallest churches in New South Wales.

Once again, we are able to sing and gather to the limits that are based on our COVID agreement, so there is plenty of space for you all to join us, either in person or through our online service weekly.

We are a Bible believing group of people who believe in the creeds, The Word of God and salvation in Christ alone. We welcome all and make no apologies for the Word of God.

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